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Creating The Extraordinary


The Artist
Greg Dahl

Unique One-Of-A-kind Maple Table
Fusion Flatworks is a premier provider of custom-designed furniture for residential, commercial spaces and hospitality. Committed to quality, innovation, and sustainability, we offer a diverse range of high-quality furniture that blends functionality and aesthetics. Our objectives include delivering top-notch products, staying ahead of design trends, ensuring customer satisfaction, adopting sustainable practices, expanding our market reach, and fostering employee development, including second chance employment opportunities. With a dedicated team of artisans and advanced manufacturing facilities, we create unique furniture pieces that redefine interior spaces and reflect our core values.


Reclaimed Historical Redwood Lighting Fixture


Explore the space


Elevate The Beauty

One-of-a-kind Wood-Epoxy Furnishings


maple burl coffee table smaller.jpg

Each uniquely designed and destined to become the focal point of any space



"We had a few amazing tables made for our office at Dutch Bros Hq and they are incredibly beautiful and unique! They made them with our roasted coffee beans and epoxy! We've had them for almost 5 years and they still look like they did when they first showed up! Beautiful pieces and we use them daily in one of our conference rooms! I highly suggest their work, it's durable and every piece is a work of art!

What an amazing team and stellar customer service! Our family was thrilled with the results. We highly recommend them.




"Greg and his team of artisans made two perfect counters for us which have become the show pieces of our home decor. His invoice detailed every minute spent and every material used for a complete and accurate accounting. Greg even offered to show me his trade if I wanted to shadow him during any work week. His level of pride in workmanship is rarely found and much appreciated. I would recommend Greg and his team to anyone!"

"Wow! I love the redwood. It's such a softwood the epoxy resin will help protect it. This is the most beautiful countertop ever."

"The finished product was beautiful. Great experience working with everyone to have the table I wanted."

"Hi everyone, I'm the owner of the pink 1932 Ford. I want to thank Greg and his crew for everything they have done with the dash. It turned out amazing and my Granddaughter can't get enough of it!"

"Absolutely fantastic. I'm in AWE. The most beautiful countertop I've ever seen!"




Greg made us a gorgeous coffee table out of maple burl. No only is it functionable, it is a timeless, unique, one of a kind piece of art!! Everyone at the company we dealt with was super nice. Great job Fusion Flatworks, love it!!!


They made an amazing heirloom of a table for my wife and I. Thank you guys


"Amazing execution of an amazing project, love the whole theme of that island and the drop-down to the table. First time seeing you guys and I sobbed! Keep them coming."


What a delightful find! Greg and his crew deliver the goods. Top quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, infused with an intuitive artistic appreciation of the woodworker’s craft. Five stars for sure!




Over the years, our mission has remained the same; we provide the highest level of quality our customers have come to expect.  Our hand chosen burl woods combined with an unparalleled attention to detail allow us to garner the loyalty of our clients.  We help you decide the type of wood, the epoxy quality and color, the design, and we partner with you to bring that vision to life!


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