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Dahl corp was founded in 2008 by Greg Dahl, whose passion for wood was the natural byproduct of his Alaskan roots. As the company grew, Greg became known as the “Burl Hunter,” gaining notoriety for his unique skill set transforming burl woods into one-of-a-kind works of art. Producers at the National Geographic Channel were intrigued by Greg’s enthusiasm, and featured his talent on a series entitled, “Filthy Riches."


Now, led by the same creative visionary, Fusion Flatworks is impressing designers, homeowners and organizations across the country with its unique, innovative designs in the world of "Functional Art."

Greg Dahl, Founder of Dahl Corp and National Geographic's "Burl Hunter"
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Oregon Burls, Fusion Flatworks, Dahl Corp Family Photo
Greg Dahl, Founder of Dahl Corp and National Geographic's "Burl Hunter"

Family Tree

Fusion Flatworks is a division of Dahl Corporation, sister company to Oregon Burls, and home of "The Burl Hunter," Greg Dahl. It doesn't take much to be inspired by Oregon's natural beauty with nearly 40% of our land still covered in trees. 

Why Fusion?

Our creative visionary is world-renowned for his ability to see the hidden beauty under the bark. His expertise in the curation of rare burl wood and unsurpassed mastery of merging these woods with different epoxies make Fusion Flatworks the leader in functional furniture art.

Responsibility to God, this world and the people in it

Our wood epoxy fusion and live edge tables and slabs are ethically sourced. We focus on customer experience, delivering unparalleled service and heirloom quality artistic furnishings with a conscientious focus on community and the environment. Dahl Corp is proud to operate as a second chance employer, giving opportunity to community members looking to gain employment and mentorship. 


________________________Strategic Partnerships_______________________

We pride ourselves in creating valuable long-term relationships with high-end, upscale designers, architects, and builders that recognize the value in Fusion Flatworks' quality. 


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